The Cody French Story

Positivity isn’t only a mindset it’s a lifestyle in everything you do

Sometimes things get in the way, and sometimes periods of dismay can ruin our days, but positivity is what's needed to stay strong, they say. Cody French is living proof of this. First, the highly-rated skateboarder was ranked 16th at Canada's skateboard championships in 2020 before a mystery illness made him drop down the ranking table. Then, to make matters worse, he was hospitalized on his birthday

It's fair to say French was a bit of an athlete growing up. He played hockey and lacrosse and was given his first skateboard from a good friend in kindergarten, who sadly passed away six years ago. French recalls being drawn to skateparks from a young age, which goes to show how well his belated friend knew him. French was drawn to the skateparks for good reason as in early March 2020; he placed 16th at the Canada skateboard national championships earning 155.61 points, which was double his score in 2019. 

Yet this all took a drastic change on his birthday, March 24, which saw him hospitalized with severe stomach pains. French described the pains causing him to vomit, dry mouth, sleep prevention, losing more than 50 pounds, and so much more. 



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Now when we talk about resilience, this comes from a positive mindset. It's one thing to think you can do something great, but then it's another thing to go on and do that. French knew that even though he had no clue what this illness was, the support network of his family, sponsors and friends really helped keep him on the straight and narrow. 

Through all of this, French is now preparing to compete this month in the Tampa AM. In hopes of rising in the ranking for his ultimate goal, which is joining Team Canada for the Summer Olympics in Paris in 2024. No one has to tell French how much work lies ahead of him, with the competition fierce to make the nine places for the Canada street skateboarding national team, and aspiring to that only pays testament to the character within Cody French. 

So ultimately, what's your excuse? What bridge do you have to cross? What obstacle do you have to move? 

These are questions we face every day: some run, some hide, and some muster the strength to move things and fight. It's you vs. you at the end of the day, so do not let moments of dismay ruin your day. 

From here at the DOSE team, Cody French, we salute you and wish you all the luck in the world on your journey to making the Canada Skateboarding team. 

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