$20 skateboard vs $200 skateboard: Stress Test Mayhem In Berlin

Sketching it the fuck out with the good the bad and the ugly boards

Backed up by the world of skateboard science we took it upon ourselves to investigate the different quality of skateboards available from the grip, the deck thru to the trucks to detect the huge gap of rideability you are spending your fucking hard-earned bucks on.

No time was wasted and less given as the guys claimed the skateboards in-store before hitting the streets of Berlin to mercilessly put these boards to our very own stress test

Maximum sketch set into motion and with wobbly boards and wheels all over the goddamn place, the skaters still managed their thing with ollies and 360 flips still coming off crisp. Anyone doubting the seriousness of these studies is silenced and sent home to feel the pain after seeing Matthies legit kamikaze drop off the iconic Fernsehturm.  

With some banging Nbhd Nick tunes to psyche shit up in add some sick editing and this video is yours for the taking!

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