Dew Tour Just Straight-Up Shipped Their Course to Micky Papa

Talking about a nice present

The Dew Tour was basically sidelined in 2020 for obvious reasons we are drained by talking about. You know what was also sidelined this year? The Summer Olympics, where skateboarding was going to make its debut. And yet, the Dew Tour has done an admirable job of keeping the content coming in lieu of any contests being held. They have also been quite kind to Olympic hopefuls. Usually, this has meant interviews. In the case of Micky Papa, though, the Dew Tour took things to a whole new level.

Their new video is called Unboxed, and it delivers on the promise. Dew Tour’s street course was just sitting around, which is kind of a shame. Well, the course has found a new home, and it’s with Papa. The Canadian is hoping to partake in the Olympics next year in Tokyo, and he’s going to be able to get a lot of practice in. The Dew Tour sent their street course to Papa. No, really. They packed it up in a truck and sent it over. Now this is an unboxing video we can get behind. Of course, Papa puts the obstacles to good use as well. See it all above right now, and imagine getting sent your own street course.

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