Cornwall (UK) Setting the Standards Creating the First Of Its Kind Skatepark

Introducing the first injury-free skatepark for beginners

TR7 Skatepark in Newquay. Remember the name, as it’s the first and only skatepark in the UK to offer safe skating. Using a harness system to help skaters that are trying to find their feet and balance on the board for the first time, can now learn the basics without the fear of getting injured. 


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Situated in the Southwest of England, Cornwall is home to the new safe skateboarding park to give beginners the confidence to go down big ramps. An indoor skatepark has provided a new niche through this innovative and unique rope and harness system, this being designed to help skaters develop their skills without the risk of injury. 

The co-owner and founder of TR7 Skatepark Martina Biquard, said the idea for the unique system came from speaking to people who were interested in giving skateboarding a go. Yet with the obvious risks and possibility of injuries that come with starting the sport they weren’t sure. Martina went onto say “we believe that the number one thing that holds people back from trying skateboarding is the fear of falling and getting hurt so our goal since we first opened has been to make the experience as safe as possible for everybody to give it a go.” 

Now the reason why we believe not only is this a great innovative moment for skateboarding, and with more skateparks like this it’s obvious an increase in skaters will benefit from this. Yet, the main positive from this we believe is that it opens the sport to all ages at any time of year. This reiterated by Martina who stated, “the people who have used it so far – including adults in their 60s as well as younger skaters love it.” This showing the range of ages that can benefit from this. 


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The collaborative nature in this inventive creation came locally, and its lovely to see two businesses in Cornwall coming together to benefit the skating world. These are the moments we love to see in the skating community. 

With Martina adding that the new system was sourced by the next-door company called Vector, who are a rope access company which supported the installation. This exceptional system works as a pendulum that is hung directly above the center point of the given ramp, allowing skaters to ride from side to side and have a good amount of grip and tension where if you were to fall, the rope will catch you before you hit the ground. 

TR7 Skatepark, we salute you over here at Dose!


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