Japan's Youth Show Off Their Skateboarding Skills in Jonny Giger's Latest Video

Freestyle Skate Champion Isamu and the Next Gen of Skateboarding Talent

Jonny Giger is a Swiss skateboarder who has made a name for himself with his freestyle skills. In his latest video, Giger takes us to Osaka, Japan, where he witnesses some incredible skateboarding from kids at an indoor skatepark.

The video starts with Giger commenting on the rainy weather and how they have decided to head to an indoor skatepark. He notes the Japanese music playing in the background and admits to feeling a little tired after going "absolutely crazy" at karaoke the night before. As he warms up, he watches some kids who are "killing it" on their skateboards, and he decides to ask them if they want to film some tricks.




The video then transitions to Giger and the kids showing off their skills, with some dope footage of the young skaters performing tricks that seem impossible for their age. Giger notes how he feels like a "soccer mom" watching these kids, and it's evident how impressed he is with their abilities.

Later in the video, Giger introduces us to Isamu, a five-time world champion freestyle skater. The two of them perform some tricks together, including an attempt to land Isamu's first "Kickflip Primo Slide" ever. The energy and excitement between the two skaters are palpable, and it's clear that they share a passion.

Throughout the video, Giger's enthusiasm is infectious, and he is clearly having a sick time in Osaka. He notes that it's his first time at an indoor skatepark in Japan and is impressed by the quality of the facilities. He also encourages his viewers to follow the young skaters he met, as they represent the future of the sport. 

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