Discover Sicily's Skate Scene in 'APERITIVO'

Vega Skateshop's Newest Release

Get ready to see the streets of Palermo and Catania come to life as Vega Skateshop drops their latest skateboarding part, "APERITIVO." Shot during their mission to escape the rain-soaked streets of Paris, this part captures the essence of Sicily's urban landscapes, sweet spots, and the chill local skate scene.

The crew skates through the historic streets, finding not only spots but also meeting people from these places along the way. "APERITIVO" is a fun mix of Sicilian street charm and nice spots.

Featured skaters: Joe Lascar, Gabin Herman, Léa Siffredi, Gaetan Legorbellec, Samuel Vroman, André Larroque, Clément Chouleur, and Benoit Bayle. Brought to life by the skilled hands of François Wuest and Malick Kamité, who handled the filming and editing.

"APERITIVO" will take you into the heart of Sicily. You can watch it now!

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