The Coolest Tricks In Skateboarding

Own your local spot

Have you ever wondered what the coolest tricks in skateboarding are? Of course it’s subjective to a certain degree but some of these tricks exist beyond the realms of comprehension. If you want to own your local spot, grab a pen and paper.

Hospital Flip/Casper Flip

There’s a lot of debate as to whether the hospital flip and the casper flip are the same trick or not but there are some slight differences. To put it simply, with a hospital flip your front foot brings the board back around whereas with a casper flip, theres a casper mid air and you use your back foot to bring it back. Both tricks are equally impressive though!

Gazelle Flip

The gazelle flip is one of those tricks that just looks incredible, in the video below Chris Chann breaks it down as a ‘backside 360 with a 540 flip’ or even more simply as a ‘bigflip with an extra turn’. Despite how easy Chris makes the gazelle look and sound, it will take some time to master but it’s a real stylish trick to have in your arsenal. 

Laser Flip/Tre Flip

If you can tre flip, you can probably laser flip! A laser flip is pretty much the opposite of a tre flip, a tre being broken down as a 360 shuv with a kickflip whereas the laser is a frontside 360 shuv with a heelflip. Both tricks will take a bit of practice but once you’ve nailed one, you’ve pretty much nailed both.


The hardflip is definitely one of those tricks that, despite its name, doesn’t look as hard as it is. A hard flip is a combination of a frontside shuv and a kickflip which again, taken at face value doesn’t sound that hard to experienced skaters but this is a trick with so many nuances if you want to land it cleanly. VLSate does a great job of explaining it in the video below. 

Merlin Twist

The merlin twist, explained down below by Jonny Giger as a ‘switch frontside 180 with a FS 540 Impossible’ is certainly one of the hardest tricks to master on this list but if you can get this one down you’re guaranteed to command respect wherever you go!


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