Red Bull Finds Some Overlooked Skate Spots in Europe

The Balkans are home to some great spots for you and your board

Red Bull has dropped a new video that is part one of what they are calling Unknown Treasures. Before the world was locked down, an impressive crew consisting of Madars Apse, Wes Kremer, Ben Skrzypek, Josef Scott, and Timo Arena went on a mission to find some not-so-well-known skate spots. Specifically, the gang traveled the southern Balkans for 13 days, stopping in countries like Albania, Macedonia, and Kosovo. Now, there are great places to skate pretty much everywhere, but it’s definitely true that we haven’t heard a tone about skating in the Balkans. As such, Red Bull and these guys did us a solid by showing us some of what is available. We’re definitely curious what part two of Unknown Treasures will bring. For now, enjoy the first part right here.

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