Leticia Bufoni Has a Home Skatepark That Might Make You Jealous

Or maybe just make you want an invite over

You may have a basketball hoop in your driveway, but a lot of pros have some legit, fancy full basketball courts at their homes. Some of them are even indoors! The same can be true for skaters. Maybe you have a miniramp in your backyard, but you probably have nothing on Leticia Bufoni’s setup. Red Bull recently paid a visit to the Brazilian’s house to see the skating setup she has at her home. It’s basically a full-on skatepark. Like, we can imagine Bufoni’s home actually being used in a competition. Meanwhile, she gets to skate it whenever she wants. That’s got to be a blast, even if Bufoni seems like she doesn’t have room for anything but skating in the area around her house. Take a look at Bufoni’s personal skatepark above.

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