Welcome Skateboard Collab With Thunder For Their New Collection

The new collection celebrates the unity of skate shops around the world

Thunder Trucks and Spain’s Welcome Skateboard team up to release their upcoming collection aptly titled ‘Thunder x Welcome Madrid’. The new ‘Thunder x Welcome Madrid’ collection will feature lights in 147 and 148, with thunder customs tees that are available to purchase here.

Both teams have gotten together to celebrate skate shops all around the world, with the support of their global crew consisting of their employees and team riders. The collab has also helped generate publicity for the local skateboarding scene where the shops are located. The collection features tees and trucks that pay homage to their shop’s interior with the yellow print. 

To celebrate their collaboration the team dropped a video featuring skaters Felipe Bartolome, Rafa Cort, Sebas Garcia, Ben Skrzypek, Borja Santiago, Pablo Garcia, Comi, Marco Rivera, Jamal Farruk, Issa Moujadami, and Juan Algora. Watch the video below, and it will definitely make you want to grab your skateboard and ride. 

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