Tony Hawk is Now the Spokesperson for Citizen’s Smartwatches

And he’ll probably be wearing one at the next X Games

Tony Hawk can’t slow down. There’s a reason why, even in his fifties, he tried to return from a broken femur so quickly he ended up doing more damage to himself. Recently, he’s popped up on podcasts, helped celebrate a skatepark in the Navajo Nation, and he’s also got himself a new spokesperson deal. Hawk is the new face of Citizen’s smartwatches.



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Evidently, Hawk is a watch lover, and was already wearing a Citizen smartwatch. Now, the forever face of skateboarding is the spokesman for their second-generation Citizen CZ watch. Apparently NASA technology is found in it? Hawk wears his smartwatch when he skates, and he will be skating at the upcoming X Games in Japan. His broken femur kept him from doing so last time, but this time, fingers crossed, he’ll be out there. Fast Company profiled Hawk, his love of watches, and his skateboarding future, which you can give a read if you are a fan of Hawk, skating, or even watches.

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