Tony Hawk and the President of the Navajo Nation Skate Together

And they both impress

While the skatepark in Two Hills, New Mexico technically opened in October of 2022, the park that is situated within the Navajo Nation got a big “grand opening” celebration recently. Tony Hawk, whose foundation helped fund the building of the park to give the members of the Navajo Nation a safe, local place to skate, was on hand, and he wasn’t the only one.

Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren called Hawk one of his childhood heroes, and the two got a chance to hang out. Not only that, they got to skate together. Hawk, who is 54 now, is finally recovered from a serious femur injury, so seeing him on a board is great. However, Nygren also showed off his skills on a board, which must have been a dream come true to do alongside Hawk. Here is a local news report about the celebration at the skatepark, and it shows off Nygren’s skills as well.

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