Tony Hawk Makes A Comeback With Heelflip After Recovering from Femur Injury

Tony Recovered, Second Try!

Since breaking his femur in 2022, Tony Hawk has once again proven his resilience and determination by making a triumphant comeback after recovering from his severe injury. Hawk, now 54 years old, proves that if you love skating enough, recovery and rehabilitation are still possible with a lot of patience, strength, belief, and determination.



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We are especially happy to see this following the bad news he shared on Instagram in November; if you don’t know what I’m referring to, Hawk was too eager and got back on his board too soon despite having warnings from his close ones. The result was a major setback in the healing process, which extended his journey to recovery as well as making it much more difficult.

Remaining patient is a big challenge when it comes to healing our bodies; we often want to get back on our feet and back to business. As skaters, we can be even worse than most athletes; we don't give a shit at the time and just want to push ourselves to get back on our boards. Take this advice directly from The Birdman himself.



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Here's what Hawk posted back in November:

To all of the people saying I got back on my skateboard too soon and was pushing too hard with my early recovery, especially my dear wife: you were absolutely correct. I was too cavalier in my approach to skating shortly after my injury, ignoring all warning signs - pain, mostly - and ended up shifting the bone placement that never allowed it to fuse properly.

I don't blame anybody but myself for this major setback, and I would turn back time if it was a viable option. So, I go back in for surgery next week to have my bone repositioned in hopes that it will heal properly this time around.

Welcome back, Tony!

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