Watch Gui Khury Land a 1080

X Games history has been made

Many years ago, Tony Hawk cemented his legend when he landed the first in-competition 900 at the X Games. That was probably at the pinnacle of skateboarding‘s popularity with the general population. Right now, though, skateboarding could be on the verge of a huge leap in popularity thanks to the Olympics. Don’t forget about the X Games, though! The 2021 X Games just happened, and once again history was made.

Gui Khury was taking part in the Skateboarding Vert Best Trick competition, the one where Hawk once landed a 900. Khury didn’t feel like that was enough rotations for him, though. He successfully landed a 1080, the first ever at the X Games. Yeah, it won him the competition, obviously. Want to see history being made? You can watch Khury’s X Games 1080 in the video above. All he needs now is his own video game.

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