The Ribeiro Brothers Head to Barcelona

Gustavo’s world tour continues

Gustavo Ribeiro is traveling the world for Red Bull in his series Mundo Gustavo. For the fourth episode, Gustavo has quite the guest and is traveling to quite the city. Joining Gustavo is Gabriel Ribeiro. No, that name isn’t a coincidence. Gabriel is indeed Gustavo’s brother. Where are these Brazilian bros headed for episode four of Mundo Gustavo? Why, Barcelona of course. Look, we write about it all the time. Skateboarders looooove Barcelona. And yet, neither the skaters nor us ever get bored of it. Naturally the Ribeiros stop by MACBA, but don’t worry. There’s way more to this video than just that one spot. Gustavo is there to take part in a film shoot for Ementa and they hit up a few different skate spots, not all of them the obvious ones. Some other skaters show up as well. Dive into Gustavo’s mundo in the video above.

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