Karl Berglind Goes Head to Head with a Drone for Red Bull

Are you ready to get dizzy?

Karl Berglind first caught our attention around two years ago when he became somewhat of a sensation for his video edits showcasing his ridiculously smooth, stylish and floaty skating at the now famous Stapelbäddsparken skatepark in Sweden. Since then, Karl’s picked up quite a few sponsors who have taken him out of Sweden and given him the well-deserved opportunity to skate across the globe, and lucky for us, this means we get to see him shred in endless new settings. In his latest voyage, Red Bull take Karl to Montana, USA. 

Now, you may be thinking, why Montana? Well, according to Red Bull themselves, skatepark designs in North America are going through an incredibly innovative period, in which generic parks with set lines are becoming replaced with ‘gigantic, sinuous, avant-garde designs of such grandeur and ambition that they can only be described as visionary’ – have you ever heard a skatepark described in such a poetic way? Us neither, but when you see these parks, you’ll realize Red Bull aren’t joking. These parks are what skaters dream of, and you can now watch Karl be chased by a drone in three of these parks in the video above.  

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