Gustavo Ribeiro Takes a Trip to Basque Country

And shows us how a board is made

When Red Bull dropped the first episode of their new series Mundo Gustavo we showcased it, because it seemed like it had a lot of promise. Gustavo Ribiero is one of the rising stars of skating, and any time a company with the cache of Red Bull is beginning a new series of skate videos it’s intriguing at the very least. Now that the second episode of Mundo Gustavo is here, we’re definitely seeing the potential in following the Portuguese skateboarder around the world.

In episode two, Ribeiro joins Danny Leon and Vincent Milou in Basque Country, the somewhat-autonomous region of Spain. While there they get some skateboarding action in, of course. However, they also take a little time to show us how a skateboard gets made. Hey, if not for the people who make skateboards we wouldn’t get to see guys like Ribiero in action. Skateboard manufacturers deserve some love! Check out episode two of Mundo Gustavo in the above video.

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