Nyjah Huston, Chris Colbourn, and Dominick Walker Have All Left Element

It’s the end of the era

Occasionally we cover news about skaters and the brands they skate for, but usually the news is about a skateboarder joining a brand. It’s cause for celebration. This time, though, we have news of skaters leaving a brand. What is this, Opposite Day? All at once, Chris Colbourn, Dominick Walker, and Nyjah Huston have all left Element. These three have been Element skaters for a while. Huston, one of the biggest names in skating, has been with Element for 19 years. No more, however! They are all heading elsewhere. We’re sure they will all have brands looking to add them to their team, especially Huston. That sounds like a knock on Colbourn and Walker, but it isn’t. It’s kind of like how Victor Oladipo and Caris Levert are fine basketball players, but James Harden was the focal point of that trade. Anyway, all three skaters posted on their Instagrams about the news. Check out what Huston, Colbourn, and Walker all had to say.


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Nyjah Huston (@nyjah)


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Chris Colbourn (@coookie_doe)


Ein Beitrag geteilt von Dominick Walker (@domowaka)

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