Check Out Dominick Walker in Action For Diamond Supply Co

It’s clear how much talent Walker has from this video

Dominick Walker, also known as Domo, is here to bring you clarity. Not in, like, a therapist sort of way. He’s literally the focal point of the new video from Diamond Supply Co. that’s called Clarity. Sorry if you’re looking for some direction in life. We don’t have that for you. We do have a pretty awesome skating video, though.

Walker isn’t content to just hit up some skatepark and do his thing. This video is a tour of a lot of different spots, most of them urban and industrial. He’s using the natural landscape, or the not-so-natural landscape, as his proverbial canvas. Where some might see some stairwell or alleyway Walker sees potential. The mundane becomes exciting at his disposal. Check out Clarity from Walker and Diamond in the video above.

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