Chris Colbourn and David Gravette are at it Again

This time they are stopping by Skate House

The dynamic duo of Chris Colbourn and David Gravette are often paired with each other by Independent. Not that they seem to have a problem with that. The two have a clear dynamic and seem to have a ton of fun together on their various misadventures. Colbourn and Gravette were recently on a tour they labelled “Sloshing Around the Northwest,” and during that time they made a stop in South Lake Tahoe. “Hang on,” you might be saying, “South Lake Tahoe is not in the Northwest.” Hey, you try and stop these two from doing what they feel like.

For the occasion, the duo stopped by the famed Skate House in the city. It seems like a findspot to skate, and when it’s being shot in black and white it all feels that much more artistic. Must be nice to get a chance to travel around with your friend and just hit up famed skate spots. Where do we sign up for that? We don’t know, obviously, but we do know where to watch this video from Independent: above.

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