Zion Wright and Jamie Foy Have the Need for Speed

And they deliver in this new video

A little while back, we wrote about a new ad that Zion Wright had made for Bronson Speed Company’s bearings. It involved him “driving” in a racecar. It turns out that wasn’t all Wright was doing at the Madera Speedway. Bronson had plenty more to do at the racetrack, and this time Jamie Foy is along for the fun as well. Speed is the name of the game in this video. It’s also one-third of the name of “Bronson Speed Company.” While Wright and Foy can’t keep up with a racecar on their boards, they can get plenty of speed when they want. Just don’t try hitching a ride on a racecar like you’re Marty McFly. That will probably end in disaster. Or traveling through time. Check out Wright and Foy at Madera above.

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