Dylan Jaeb and Miles Lawrence are Rollin’ Deep for Bronson

The buddies grab their boards for a fun video

It’s always nice to skate with your friends, especially when you’re young. Well, Dylan Jaeb is still young, despite how successful he’s already been. The dude is only 16, but he’s already left Hawaii and set up shop in California for his career. Jaeb and his fellow skater Miles Lawrence, who is all of 23, are friendly. We mean, to the extent a grown adult can be friends with a teenager. However, they clearly get along well enough to enjoy filming the latest Rollin’ Deep video from Bronson Speed Co.

The edit from the bearing company sees the two skaters grabbing their boards and showing off the goods. You can see why Jaeb is already a known name with stardom potentially in his future. We don’t want to slight Lawrence, either! It’s not his fault he’s in this video with a teenager. He’s got plenty of great tricks at his disposal, which he puts to good use in this Rollin’ Deep edit.  Watch it right now.

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