Why Your Style Sucks in Skateboarding (But It Doesn't Have To)

Mastering the Art of Style on a Skateboard

Skateboarding is a unique sport that blends art, athleticism, and personal style. While many skateboarders focus on mastering difficult tricks, there's an aspect of style that often gets overlooked. In this article, we'll explore why style matters in skateboarding and how you can improve yours. So, if you're tired of your lackluster style, read on to find out how you can step up your game and become a more stylish skateboarder.

The Power of Style

In the age of social media, where likes and followers reign supreme, it's important to understand that style can sometimes overshadow technical ability. A well-executed, stylish trick can garner more attention and appreciation than a mediocre attempt at a difficult one. This may seem unfair to some, but it's a reality that extends beyond skateboarding. It's a universal truth that good marketing and presentation can sometimes outweigh raw skill.

The Artistic Side of Skateboarding

Skateboarding lies at the intersection of sport and art. While some view it purely as a physical activity or a competitive sport, for many skateboarders, it embodies a creative outlet. Success in skateboarding often stems from the artistic expression it offers rather than solely from the competitive aspect. Just as the most skilled dancer or musician may not be the most famous, the same applies to skateboarders. Marketing plays a significant role in determining popularity, but mastering the skill is equally important.

Developing Your Style

Now that we understand the significance of style, let's delve into ways you can enhance yours. Authenticity is key, and trying to imitate someone else's style will be evident to those around you. However, there are some universally appreciated elements of style that you can work on:

  1. The Push: A good push is the foundation of stylish skateboarding. Focus on developing speed and incorporating a lower torso position and a deliberate back leg motion. A powerful push not only looks visually appealing but also adds an element of speed and control to your overall style.

  2. Natural Arm Movements: While you shouldn't overthink it, observing your favorite pro skaters and adapting their arm movements can help refine your style. Avoid crossing your arms excessively or letting them hang too lazily. The more natural your arm movements appear, the more stylish your skateboarding will become.

  3. Relaxation: Basic tricks often look stylish because they reflect a sense of relaxation in the skater's body. As you progress and become more skilled, your body will naturally relax during tricks. The more at ease you are, the better your style will appear. You're getting better and more confident.

  4. Personalize Your Tricks: Once you have a solid foundation of basic tricks, experiment with adding your own flair. Explore subtle variations in foot positioning, leg bending, or unique catch styles. By putting your own spin on tricks, you not only make them your own but also develop a distinct style that sets you apart.

Remember, style is not something to be forced. It emerges naturally as you improve your skills and gain confidence on the board. Focus on mastering the fundamentals first, and style will follow.

The Intersection of Style and Fashion: Traditionally, style and clothing were seen as separate entities within skateboarding. However, in recent times, the line between the two has blurred. Skaters now prioritize their outfits and aesthetics to gain attention and maintain relevance. While this shift may seem superficial to some, it's an evolution that reflects the changing dynamics of skateboard culture.

Final thoughts

While it's essential to recognize the importance of style in skateboarding, it's equally important to not let it overshadow the joy of the sport itself. Focus on honing your skills, experimenting with tricks, and allowing your personal style to naturally emerge. Remember, skateboarding is about self-expression and having fun on your board. Don't get caught up in trying to conform to a specific style or seeking validation from others. Embrace the individuality that skateboarding offers and let your passion for the sport shine through. Whether you're pushing the boundaries of technical tricks or embracing a more relaxed and stylish approach, the most important thing is to enjoy the journey and progress at your own pace. The world is your skatepark, so go ahead and own it with your own signature style!

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