Why Does Bam Margera Keep Making Tracks???

No, seriously.

Bam Margera, the guy famous for skateboarding, wild stunts, and Jackass, also has a thing for making music. But here's the question: why does he keep at it, even when life gets tough?

First off, music is his creative outlet. He's always been into expressing himself, whether it's on a skateboard, behind a camera, or on a canvas. Music is just another way for him to let out his feelings and play around with different styles. He's worked with folks like HIM, CKY, The 69 Eyes, and Iggy Pop, exploring rock, metal, rap, and punk.

Music also lets him connect with his fans. He's got a loyal bunch who stick with him through thick and thin. He talks to them on social media and shares his music. Sometimes, he rocks the stage with his band, Fuckface Unstoppable, or goes solo. Making his fans happy with his music is something he enjoys.

And then there's the fact that music helps him deal with his problems. Bam's had his share of struggles with drugs, mental health, and legal stuff. He's been in and out of rehab and had conflicts with friends and family. Music is his way of working through all of that and getting his feelings out there. Songs like "Bend My Dick" and "Lonely Swedish" are like his personal therapy sessions. It's a pretty impressive catalog.

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