What's The Beef With Skateboarders?

The 50 year stereotype that still lives today...

We’ve all seen the glamorized 80’s movies where skateboarders are reckless on public property or even a few viral clips of police tackling teenagers off their boards but are skaters all that bad?

To put it simply, no; however, there still lies the ongoing stigma of a stereotypical skater causing chaos and disruption to local communities, which of a significant majority really isn’t the case and something that needs to be addressed. 

Stemming back to the ’70s in California during the great drought, teenage skaters would often break into backyards and drop in the empty swimming pools to film a couple of clips and tear it up around the bowl until inevitably, the property owner would call the PD and file vandalism charges. 

Because of the track record and the rebellious attitudes the culture displayed over 50 years ago, the generational carry-over towards taring skateboarders with the same brush remains prevalent, but it’s time to move on. 

With over 23,000 skateparks across the globe, the days of breaking & entering are long behind us; most skaters have built a large community in their local parks which has become almost a ritual to attend daily and have a good time with the people close to them. 

That said, public skating is a critical part of the culture built over the years and shouldn’t be abandoned. It’s not a crime to skate in public and never will be; for all essential information on what to look out for to avoid running into any issues, research your spots and the regulations behind them.


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