Tanner Van Vark Visits a DIY Spot

And then it was gone

We have an affinity for a good skateboarding DIY spot. As long as the people who put them together aren’t being reckless they are a great way to bolster the skating scene in a city. Of course, part of the magic of the DIY spot is that you never know how long they’ll be around. For example, earlier this year Tanner Van Vark hit up a DIY spot in Nipomo, California for REAL Skateboards.

He threw down a session, Tim Fulton filmed it, and REAL had themselves a new part. Then, soon after The Rec DIY was filmed, the spot was demolished by the city. The DIY is gone, but thanks to Van Vark and REAL it can still live on in YouTube. Pay homage to the beloved, removed Nipomo DIY spot in the video above.

Get yourself your own REAL Skateboard from their website. 

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