Recap Of The Brum Girl Skate Event At Bournbrook DIY

Skating, tricks for prizes, and sun. What more could you want?

Peaks of 27°c, no wind and barely any shade did not stop the skaters of Birmingham last Sunday (13th June). 
Brum Girls Skate, started by Alice Smith (@_palice), is an inclusive community that hosts skate jams and events. The aim of this project is to provide support to women, girls and people of all ages, races and marginalized genders within the skate scene. Its goal is to be a safe space where all are welcome:

"Over the course of the last few years, there has been an emergence of female-focused skate collectives formed in major cities around the UK. Noticing that Birmingham did not have an established female skate scene, we started a WhatsApp group chat to connect female skaters. Soon after, I started an Instagram account, named ‘Brum Girl Skate’, which aims to showcase and connect female skaters through the advertising of events and the creation of skate edits. The main aim of Brum Girl Skate is to level out the current imbalance between male and female / non-gender conforming skaters. In a subculture so heavily dominated by men, female-focused skate collectives are necessary to encourage those who may be intimidated by the patriarchal structures prevalent in the scene, and thus Brum Girl Skate acts as a page with the intention of breaking down gender norms in the skate community."

- Alice Smith

The day kicked off at 10am with the sun already beating down on Bournbrook. A whole spread of fresh fruit and snacks was provided.
At around 12, small groups could learn new tricks, and at 2pm ‘Tricks for Prizes’ began. If anyone could land a new trick they’d been working on, they’d win a T-shirt.

If you were like me and couldn’t skate due to an injury, there was still a chance to cop some prizes when Alice threw a bunch of goodies into the crowd. This got everyone absolutely buzzing and the prizes included hoodies, T-shirts, wheels, stickers, skate zines and more.

The event was full of smiles, good vibes and for some, a little bit of sunburn. See images below to scope the fun.

Photography: Lily Longrigg

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