Primitive Drops a Full-Length to End 2020

It’s the latest from the prolific company who has given us a ton in a trying year

Making skate videos in 2020 was difficult, but that didn’t stop companies and skaters from doing what they could. Primitive has been particularly prolific, but they are ending 2020 by taking things out with a bang. Well, we have about a month and a half left in the year, but we’re in the fourth quarter of 2020, so this is basically a year-ending video. After all, Primitive even called the video Fourth Quarter, so clearly they had finality on their brains.

By the way, this is no quick little five-minute video. No, Primitive has dropped a full-length on us. For you American readers out there, here’s something for you to be thankful for when you are chowing down on turkey. Fourth Quarter is almost a half-hour of action starring skaters Trent McClung, Robert Neal, Miles Silvas, and Giovanni Vianna. Wanting to end 2020 with a bang, Fourth Quarter features quite the collection of enders as well. Thanks to Primitive for pulling out all the stops, and braving the complications, to make a full-length worth remembering to end a trying year.

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