Miles Silvas Revisits Some Firsts with Mob Grip

These firsts were the first of many, of course

Every skater had to get on the board for the first time. As your time as a skater continues, you add more and more firsts into the mix. Mob Grip knows this, which is why they have a video series called Mob First. It’s a chance for skaters to revisit some of the first in their career, and in this edition, it’s Miles Silvas who is taking us on a trip down memory lane.

Mob Grip and Silvas went back to Sacramento, California for the sake of the video. Silvas talks to us about the first hill he ever rode down, the first skatepark he ever visited, the first trophy he ever won, and so on. It’s fascinating to see where Silvas began, especially since he’s nowhere near the end of his career. Want to revisit Silvas’ first? Then watch the Mob Grip video above.

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