Omar Hassan: A Skateboarding Legend

Three decades in and he isn't done yet

Omar Hassan is a legendary skateboarder known for his fearless and relentless approach to the sport. In this short video, his peers and friends reminisce about his impact on skateboarding and what makes him stand out from the rest. From a young age, Omar had a unique "it factor" that set him apart from other skaters. He was known for his big Japan airs to fakie and pushing himself to the limit with no pads. Omar refused to be pigeonholed into one style of skating or another, as he skated both mini-ramps and street.



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One of Omar's greatest accomplishments was beating Tony Hawk in a mini-ramp contest in San Jose. The contest was one of the first sanctioned mini-ramp events, and Omar was expected to do well. Not only did he do well, but he actually beat one of the most famous skateboarders of all time. His friends marvel at his resilience and toughness, as he has taken countless slams and injuries over the years and still keeps going. Omar Hassan is not just a skateboarder, but a warrior who embodies the spirit of skateboarding.


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