King of MACBA: The Semifinals Have Begun!

Semifinals: Blake Johnson vs Giovanni Vianna

The Semifinal round of MACBA Life's yearly plaza competition, "King Of MACBA," started recently with Omar Hassan as the ref. Returning contestant Blake Johnson takes on Giovanni Vianna in a lengthy match where they are using almost the entire plaza!

If you are fresh to this contest series, the rules are as follows.
"King of MACBA is a game of skate where anything in the plaza count (ledge, stairs, etc...) It's one attempt each until the word MACBA is spelled out. Spots must be alternated when in command, so you can't pick the same spot two times in a row. The defense has two tries and three tries on the last letter. The picnic table must be used one time in the game."

This round also consists of a crazy bunch of technical ledge tricks and even some late shuvs thrown over a picnic table. It was not an easy match for Blake, and although he didn't win, he proved to be a worthy opponent for Giovanni and laid out some bangas!


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