A Lost Cause Springs Another Surprise Trick Competition on Us

And this one might be even more competitive

Back in August, we brought you video from a secret trick contest that the New Zealand clothing company A Lost Cause sprung on us in Bricktown. It was a nice bolt of unexpected fun during a weird time, and kudos to A Lost Cause for pulling that off and keeping it under their hats until it was dropped on us. Guess what? They just did it again. This time, A Lost Cause joined forces with OC Ramps for another secret best trick contest.

Pulling together a contest like this, and getting it all filmed and edited, is tricky enough when everybody knows about it and you have a ton of time to prepare. These days, so much of your preparation has to be based on just making sure everything is logistically safe. And yet, A Lost Cause and OC Ramps managed to get over a dozen skaters together to pull off some of their best ledge and mini-ramp tricks. Hey, they had to have ramps involved with OC Ramps, right? Want to see who one? Then we recommend watch the video above. Will he get another surprise trick contest from A Lost Cause this year? There is a couple more months until Christmas…

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