Manny Santiago Will Be Repping Puerto Rico in Tokyo

And Dew Tour took some time to talk to him

Technically, Puerto Rico isn’t its own country. It’s a commonwealth of the United States, though many are fighting for it to become the 51st state (or 52nd, because there’s a lot of support for D.C. as well). When it comes to the Olympics, though, Puerto Rico is its own entity. That means there will be athletes representing the island, not the United States, in Tokyo. One of those is skateboarder Manny Santiago.

Recently Santiago chatted with Dew Tour for their series Aimless about the Olympics and more. Some say that skating is a young person’s game. Every time we see some viral video starring some kid who is, like, 12 that seems to support that point. Santiago, though, shows that you can stick it out. He first went pro all the way back in 2010. He hung around long enough to not only see skateboarding become an Olympic sport, but to get to participate for Puerto Rico. Way to make it happen, Manny. Check out his Aimless episode above.

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