Meet All the Olympic Skateboarders

Four of these skaters will be gold medalists this summer

All the qualifying events are over now. The next big thing in skateboarding, from a competitive, athletic standpoint, is the Tokyo Olympics. This is the first year that skateboarding is an Olympic event and we’re excited for it. Maybe not as excited as the athletes who qualified for the Olympics, but pretty excited. There will be four events: Men’s Park, Men’s Street, Women’s Park, and Women’s Street. Do you want to get prepped for the festivities in Tokyo? Well we now know the 80 skaters who are headed to Tokyo to compete. You can see the full list right here.

There are some notable names on the list, including Nyjah Huston and Leticia Bufoni. However, there are two skaters we want to shout out: Tyler Edtmayer and Lilly Stoephasius. They are representing Germany, which is the home base of Dose. If Tyler or Lilly bring home gold we may just take off the day to celebrate.

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