The Best Skateboard Shops in Camden Town

We hit up London's retail gems

We cruised to London to shred Camden Town and check out the skate shops. First stop, Three Amigos Skate Shop, located at 118 Camden Rd. We met up with Louis, one of the nicest employees around. He hooked us up with the lowdown on all the dope local brands they carry like Yes Fam!, Sketti Butta, and Clown Skateboards. We got the full tour of the shop and Louis dropped some knowledge on their latest events and what makes their store so special for the local skate scene.

Next up, we hit Scum UK, right smack in the heart of Camden Hawley Wharf. We chopped it up with Mac, an OG London skater who's also part of the Scum skate team. He showed us his absolute fave gear from their summer apparel collection and spilled the beans on the vibrant London skateboarding community.

Peep the video above and make sure to hit up both shops next time you're in London! 

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