Jason Lee's New Set Of Grinch Boards

Based on his original 1990 Grinch board drawn by Andy Jenkins

’’The Grinch hated Christmas - the whole Christmas season.
Oh, please don’t ask Jason, no one quite knows the reason.
It could be, perhaps, that his trucks were too tight.
It could be that his board wasn’t the right size.’’ - Dr. Seuss, kinda

So, what do these two have in common?

Long story short, a board.

So, let’s travel back in time to when Jason Lee wasn’t Almost Famous for being an actor or an accomplished photographer. Lee was riding for Blind and had one of his favorite boards, known as the classic Grinch board, drawn by Andy Jenkins.



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Since then, 32 years have passed, and Jason and Andy combine forces to release a never-seen-before 6-deck set of the original sketch drawings that were the basis for creating his Grinch board, with each deck signed by both Jason and Andy.


Prime Wood in Los Angeles will assemble and manufacture the boards using the same shape, presses, and molds used to make the original 1990 Grinch boards.
Although the price is steep and not for every wallet, quality and collecting ability has a price. So, if you buy one, let us know if it helped you do a 360 or kickflip to tailslide like him.


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