Jason Jessee Drops Limited Edition Boards, But Is It Time You Dropped Him?

Can you keep supporting an alleged white supremacist?

Last month, Jason Jessee dropped a limited edition set of boards over on his company site, ‘The Driven Skateboards’, consisting of 100 signed and numbered rare prints. 



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As being named the “24th most influential skateboarder of all time” back in 2011 by Transworld you would probably expect these boards to fly off the market, yet after a month of sales over half the boards are still available and if you’re wondering why, it’s pretty simple…

Jessee has always seemed to have a dark cloud follow him in his career, with multiple controversial factors giving the skater a shitty rep, from the likes of racially motivated prejudice to being removed from a flight and arrested at San Jose International Airport for suspicious activity including a notebook with the words “suicide bomber’ in. 

As crazy as all this is, that’s just the tip of the iceberg with so much more information involving Jessee’s questionable actions available to read online, it’s no secret which makes me wonder; why the f- does Jason Jessee still have a platform? 

The significant majority of skateboarders have cut ties with supporting Jason however, major brands including Thrasher platformed his image & work over five times in 2019, was the written apology that he shared online good enough to forgive him? 

It will forever be an uphill battle for Jason to make right in his wrongs and it’s entirely up to each individual to make up their own mind on the situation. Still, if you asked me, I would say no apology or explanation can forgive blatant racism & displays of Nazi symbolism, it’s time to stop supporting him. 

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