ELEMENT Releases Raw ESP VOL 2 Expanded Edit Of Leon Charo-Tite

Leon goes far and beyond for new full length video

Based in Berlin, Leon packed his bags and took the chance to go film for the brand's latest full-length video. Discover more about the process he endured to film his portion, which will help you understand how savage this guy is. Just watching his battle in Mexico City shows how committed and gnarly Leon is. That wallie gap to drop was no fucking joke.

Leon's talent is undeniably good, but more than that, he has a nice bag of tricks and he always seems to select the right one for the right spot, making everything so much more pleasing to watch. When Leon takes up the opportunities and shows these crazy spots what he's made of, he's making us Berliners proud!

Watch Leon's E.S.P. Vol 2 Expanded part above!

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