Check Out Filipe Mota’s Winning Run at Global AMdemic

Big things are coming down the road for the teenaged skater

The Tampa Am is a huge event in the world of skateboarding. Many of the best amateur skaters in the world convene there for a shot at glory. Winning the Tampa Am is huge for a skateboarder’s reputation, and usually a professional career follows. Of course, this year it’s basically impossible to have a pro contest, let alone an amateur one. There was no Tampa Am this year, but the plans are for there to be one this year (fingers crossed it’s safe enough to have such a contest down in Florida). However, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been skate contests. They are just being done a little differently. Take, for example, Skatepark of Tampa’s Global AMdemic contest.

The Global AMdemic was done digitally in order to make things safer for all the competitors. The winning of this event? That would be Filipe Mota. The 14-year-old skater crushed the competition, which means he is going right to the semifinals at next year’s Tampa Am. We don’t mind spoiling the winner, because the Global AMdemic has posted Mota’s winning run. Keep his name in mind for the Tampa Am in 2021. For now,  check out Mota’s monumental run above.

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