Nyjah Huston And Hina Maeda Win TAMPA PRO 2020

Check out the event highlights

Tampa Pros 26thannual event took place last weekend where Nyjah Huston and Hina Maeda collected the W’s. The OG event recently substituted Nike SB for Monster Energy as the main sponsor, but ironically finished with triple Nike SB on the male podium.

Nyjah Hustons 92.13 score granted him his second Tampa Pro win. The American skater was joined by Shane O’Neill and Ishod Wair for the victory champagne showers. The female side ended up with Hina Maeda on top, 13-year-old Yumeka Oda coming in second and the third-place clinched by Filipino skater Margie Didal. 

Have a look at the full results below and watch Spot Life’s highlights from the Tampa Pro 2020 event above.

Men’s Results

1. Nyjah Huston

2. Shane O’Neill

3. Ishod Wair

4. Alex Midler

5. Kelvin Hoefler

6. Maurio McCoy

7. Mason Silva

8. Dashawn Jordan

9. Luan Oliveira

10. Carlos Ribeiro

11. Manny Santiago

12. Angelo Caro

Women’s Results

1. Hina Maeda

2. Yumeka Oda

3. Margielyn Arda Didal

4. Gabriela Mazetto

5. Ana Rendon

6. Samarria Brevard

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