Filipe Mota Shadows Nyjah Huston in Monster Energy Video

The present of skateboarding meets the future?

When you were a kid, wouldn’t you have loved to spend some time with a hero or yours? Did you imagine getting to skate with Tony Hawk or hang out on set with, say, character actor Richard Jenkins? OK, the Tony Hawk one is more likely, right? Well, some people get to live out the dream. People like Filipe Mota. In the newest video from Monster Energy’s Shadow Day series, Mota got to spend time with Nyjah Huston, one of the top skaters in the world right now.

Huston isn’t just a star in the world of skateboarding. He has his own private skatepark, and it’s not just for anybody to visit. However, he opened his doors to Mota, who is all of 13. Granted, Mota isn’t your average 13-year-old kid. He’s already on the Monster Energy team, so Huston knows he’s got some cred on the board. Even so, one imagines Mota growing up looking up to Huston. Hell, Mota is still growing up, and probably still looks up to Huston. Maybe someday down the line, Mota will be the veteran mentoring the younger skater. For now, he gets to shadow Huston and spend time skating with him at Huston’s private park. That’s what we call living the dream. Like if we had gotten to be on the set of The Man Who Wasn’t There with Richard Jenkins. Anyway, check out the video above!

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