Ambition Snowskates

Get prepared for the snow with a proper Snowskate

Snowskating really opens up your opportunities for where you can skate in the winter; this allows you to be able to hit certain spots that are not possible to skate when they’re not caked in snow.

There are a lot of knock-off companies that are pushing their sales for snowskates for a much cheaper price. However, none of them compared to those produced by Ambition based in Michigan, Canada.

The difference with Ambition Snowskates is that these boards are specifically designed for doing tricks and hitting spots, instead of just sliding down a hill. As hard as it is to visualize, even doing a 50-50 on a round rail is possible. These guys are experienced skateboarders, and dealing with heavy snowfall is their second nature. They have dedicated a lot of time and effort into discovering the best materials, shapes, and grip tape that can be used to get the closest feeling to real skateboarding possible. You get what you pay for.



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So, if you’re thinking that throwing a normal deck down or one of these cheaper ‘Mr. Ougarami’ ones to get the same feeling. You will be pretty surprised when you realize that a simple shuv-it is almost impossible and an ollie over a ledge is unimaginable! You can find a lot of videos from them on YouTube and their Instagram page.

More Info about Ambition Snowskates you can find at or shop them online here for $118.

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