8 Tricks You Can Transform From A BS Shuv-It

Step up and start building a trick list

In this article, we will be sharing some trick tips for those wanting to step up and start building a trick list, so here are some examples of well-known tricks you can begin to learn. Starting things off with the classic and most favored first trick, the bs shuv-it. So take these tips with you and try them out.

Go have fun!


It might not seem like a big step from the original shuvit you just learned, but learning the same trick in another stance is super beneficial when it comes to progression.

And it's better to start learning every trick you can in every stance. It should, in theory, become easier as time goes on, and your switch game will be on fire! Many of us wish we had done this if we had the patience at the time.


A backside revert can be done without having to jump or even pop your board, so don't worry if you aren't popping ollies or your shuv-its yet; it's all good.

Therefore this trick is not meant to be difficult, but when mastered, this will improve your balancing skills, and learning how to shift your weight to gain control over the board or wheel friction. In addition, becoming weightless while shifting your weight on the board contributes to learning how to steer and even powerslides, wallies, and slappy's at a later stage.

3. BS 180

This trick involves using your front foot a lot more while popping the board; you'll need to figure out what foot position works out best for you, so this will take some tries to get used to.

When you are comfortable, gain control on your board and once you pop, use your back foot to control the board and ensure your front foot is following and directing the nose exactly the same way a shuv-it rotates.


You might not even want this included in your trick list, and you'll probably get a few dirty looks when you start trying it but fuck it.

Even though it is a disgusting-looking trick, it can be fun when you're learning and when your trick selection has only just started to expand into something you can actually call a list, it's always nice to add another one. But please, after you've nailed it, shuv-it deep to the back of your brain and leave it in the past!


To spin one of these, you just need to think of a rotating helicopter propeller. You have to spin that shit and hope your ankles don't get a whack in the process.

This will likely give you a light beating of bruises and nips from the wheel bolts before you start to synchronize your landing and the perfectly flat rotation of your deck. Unfortunately, Primo is also a bitch when learning this trick.


If you had no problems with the fakie shuv and have a better feel for riding fakie after trying the 360 ones, it sounds like you are ready for a fakie bigspin. This is another fun trick for sure, and they can look really good when you get the hang of them.

If you imagine a fakie shuv-it and a backside revert right when you're about to land, that will start forming your fakie bigspins. When you start getting the feel for turning your shoulders in the same direction as your board, you can improve this trick by meeting the board for the pivot at a later point, maybe when your body is at the 45-degree angle, and eventually 180. Spinning them all the way with no pivot at all…Unless, of course, you prefer it that way.

7. 360 SHUV-IT

You'll need to put twice as much power in that back foot and jump twice as high to make sure it spins all the way around.

This trick usually is easier to learn fakie as the momentum of rolling backwards helps the board spin faster, so if you think it's going to be easy because you already bagged a few in fakie, that's where you're wrong. When your popping foot is leading the direction of travel, it usually helps with rotating tricks, just as it's easier to spin a nollie 360 shuv other than it is a switch one.


This is one to be proud of as it's a stylish and well-respected trick, especially when thrown down some stairs or a ballsy gap.

To do this, you need to scoop a 360 shuv-it and simultaneously turn your body 180 degrees and lean into your guiding shoulder; you then have to catch the board as you prepare to land in fakie. If all goes well and you roll away, you just pulled off a back BIGGIE! Props.


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