The Heart Supply is Building a Paradise for Skateboarders in Mexico

Xala with Heart is going to be a go-to spot for skaters soon enough

After leaving Element, Johnny and Kori Schillereff began an organization called The Heart Supply intended to use skateboarding to give back to the world. What does that mean in practice? We are starting to find out. The Heart Supply is currently working on building an eco-friendly skater’s paradise in the Mexican town of Xala. Called “Xala with Heart,” the park is intended to give skaters a destination in a beautiful landscape but also remaining environmentally sound. The Schillereff’s want to give back in more ways than one with Xala with Heart. A lot has already been going on down in Xala, including planting trees and handing out skateboards to local kids.


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Currently, the plan is for Xala with Heart to open in summer of 2021. You can follow along with the project on its Instagram. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to check it out in person sometime.

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