What Board Size Is Right For Me?

A little breakdown of some components that make a difference when choosing a board

Does size matter? 
Well, picking the right board size is much like picking the right pair of shoes. It is personal, and all depends on your preference through experience. The more you get used to what you're riding, the more you will start to recognize what sizes and shapes are best fitting for you. We're here to help you find the set-up most compatible for you.

The wheelbase measurement and the width measurement are the main things to check when it comes to picking your deck. If you used to skate some years ago and are getting back onto it, you'll more likely feel at home with a thinner board ranging from 8.0 - 8.25.

While choosing the right size of the skateboard is largely a personal preference, there are three important factors to consider when selecting the right board size:

1. Shoe Size
2. Body Height 
3. Riding Style & Terrain

Board Size

If you skate mostly vert, parks, pools ("transition skating"), or just like more stability and surface area under your feet, you'll probably feel most comfortable on anything bigger than an 8.3.
However, if you like to do flip tricks, technical manuals, or ledge tricks, then you may prefer a lighter-weight setup as well as a thinner board, the most common these days is an 8.25, but there's still a fair number of people rolling up to the spot with a 7.75 or an 8.0.

7.00" to 7.50": Mainly for the younger riders or those with smaller feet. This size is mainly suited for kids.

7.50" to 8.00": This is the classic size that most of our all-time favorite riders would use back in the day. 

8.00" to 8.50": This is generally the size that you will find most street skaters riding now.

8.50" and up Wider decks are great for filmers, cruising and skating transition. (Filmers would also be advised to get softer wheels to prevent noise and stop-rocks)

It varies on how heavy and how much space you want with your feet on the board; the width is mostly personal choice, and the more experience you have testing waters is the only way to know for sure. However, you can also be pointed in the right direction by asking for guidance in your local skate shop.

Shoe Size

One of the most important factors in choosing the proper board width is your shoe size. Turning, popping, and doing tricks while feeling comfortable requires a good board feel. Check out this graphic for some help:


The wheelbase is another really big component when it comes to choosing the perfect board.

This is best determined by your height, as a longer wheelbase would be best for taller skaters and shorter best for shorter skaters. The wheelbase will help you center yourself more and provide some stability preventing you from looking like a drunken foo!

Wheel Size

The wheel size does have an impact on how you want to skate. Especially when you consider street skating and your surroundings, if you always skate on a perfect marble floor, then you'll be fine with some small wheels. However, if you are venturing off to street spots with alternating terrains, it's better to have slightly softer wheels with a bit of girth to help you roll over whatever crust you decide to hit. 

It can either hold you back from performing your best tricks or help you, so this is important to take note of. Ranging from small to mid-sized to larger wheels, they all have different pros and cons. So again, this is more trial-by-error. While smaller wheels will feel lighter, larger wheels will go faster and feel more stable. However, they are considerably heavier. Mid-sized wheels are a great common ground.

Board Length

Length is the next step in choosing your board.

Where this isn't much of a personalized choice like width, with most boards sitting at 28" or a little bit more, it doesn't impact your choice in picking a board. The length is just a personal choice and won't impact you much if you get something a little bit longer or shorter. Knowing the overall length is helpful for experienced skaters and those that often like to know the wheelbase. 

Find all of the measurements below so you can geek out over the details as much as we do.

Width: 7.25"  =  Length: 29.50"  (Wheel Base: 12.50")
Width: 7.50"  =  Length: 31.12"  (Wheel Base: 14.00")
Width: 7.75"  =  Length: 31.12"  (Wheel Base: 14.00")
Width: 8.00"  =  Length: 31.38"  (Wheel Base: 14.00")
Width: 8.25"  =  Length: 32.00"  (Wheel Base: 14.38")


While other things go into choosing your "perfect" board, it is best to go with what feels most comfortable. Choosing the right board won't be something you can do in a split second like you would a pair of pants; it takes time, money and patience to understand your skill set and what you're comfortable with. So our best piece of advice for you when picking out a board for the first time is to go to a skate shop IN PERSON. That way, you can get a proper feel for it. Too many people are ordering what they like the look of online and then they end up filled with disappointment when they realize it's far from their perfect match.

In conclusion, size doesn't always matter; it's about what you can do with it.

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