DIME x Reebok Workout Plus Sneaker Wear Test

You can feel why this could be the perfect workout shoe.

This lightweight, everyday workout shoe combines the legendary Reebok style with a fresh design from the Montréal-based label Dime. From the first moment you stand in these shoes, you can feel why this could be the perfect workout shoe. They're so comfortable. It feels like you've been wearing them for two weeks already.

As for skating with them, the insoles are particularly thin, and the leather material will not last one week on the white pair, so they would be perfect for workouts as they are not griptape friendly! However, if you want to actually skate in these shoes, we would advise going with the black pair, as the suede is much better for a longer-lasting shoe, especially if you slap a bit of super glue on them where you would normally be scraping your toes, heels when making a trick.

The white pair, alongside incorporating a gum bottom, is constructed almost entirely out of leather, while its blacked-out counterpart opts for suede from the toe through to the heel. The Dime Workout Plus Shoes are available online for $120.

Skater: Danny Brown @dannybrown_sm4l
Photography: Brit The Kid @britthekid

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