Watch This Globe-Hopping Extravaganza from DC Shoes

The video puts the spotlight on two of the brand’s newest skaters

DC Shoes is putting the mileage in. That’s a lot of wear on those shoes! In their new video “OK Bet,” the skateboarding apparel brand puts the focus on two of their new amateur skaters. Thomas Dritsas and Adilson Pedro introduce themselves in a big way during “OK Bet,” which pulls out all the stops.

Dristas and Pedro are joined by several other DC skaters in a video that spans the globe. We’re talking stops in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, London, Paris, and Lisbon. There’s a lot of good skating to be found in those cities! Dritsas and Pedro may be new faces for DC, but we will likely be seeing plenty more of them in the future. Check out “OK Bet” for a look at two names to keep in mind:

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