Watch the X Games Real Street Entries

Who will take home the win?

We wrote about the trailer that was dropped for the 2021 X Game Real Street competition. It really grabbed out attention, because the 2020 rendition was quite a success. The way it works is that eight skaters are paired with eight videographers to create a one-minute street edit. It’s about putting the best video together, which makes it a real team effort between the skater and the filmer. Now, after the holiday weekend in the United States (plus a Monday that a lot of Americans took off because what’s the point of a holiday if it doesn’t get you a day off of work) you can watch the eight edits for the Real Street contest. Want to check them all out for yourself? Of course you do! The Olympics aren’t happening for a couple more weeks. It’s the best way to get your skateboarding fix for now.

Jake Anderson

Matt Berger

Chris Colbourn

Axel Cruysberghs

Ducky Kovacs

Milton Martinez

Alexis Ramirez

Frankie Spears

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