From Tricks to Toys

How Super7 Keeps the Legacy Alive

Skateboarding always appeared focused on evolution, which in turn led to its expansion. Tricks have evolved. Faces have shined, faded, and even reawakened. And though this is still true, skating seems to have had an epiphany lately.

A desire to celebrate and preserve the past has had an uptick in recent years. I too have found myself scouring the internet for my first boards while praising my younger self for having the forethought to keep my first pair of DCs.

With so few museums dedicated to skateboarding, we’ve become the keepers of our collective history so it can be shared over beers in the backyard or atop stair sets. And we have many great archivists to praise for their efforts.

Unexpected Tributes: The Role of Toys

Magazines and skate videos still have a prominent place in chronicling the culture. And alongside them, companies began reissuing classic decks and celebrating video anniversaries, without it feeling like a cash grab. Some have even begun chronicling their history on social media and YouTube with informative short documentaries and interviews featuring pros and artists. It would also be remiss not to mention the great historical presentations done by The Nine Club podcast, Jeff Grosso’s Love Letters to Skateboarding, and Epicly Later. Each has masterfully created a safe space for skaters to reminisce on their struggles and victories within the industry.

Unexpected Tributes: The Role of Toys

But one of the most interesting old-school celebrations came in an unlikely form; toys.

Super7: Honoring Skateboarding's Icons

San Francisco-based design house and manufacturer, Super7, was founded in 2001 and chose to bring like-minded fans collectibles and apparel of their favorite pieces of pop culture. And skateboarding has not been ignored. Their previous Re-Action Powell-Peralta figure line was inspired by classic board graphics, like Caballero’s “Chinese Dragon” and Lance Mountain’s “Future Primitive.”

Continuing the Legacy: Fourth Wave of Powell-Peralta Figures

Their newest fourth wave of Powell-Peralta continues this tradition, featuring Vernon Courtland Johonson’s iconic artwork on the card back. Each pro is presented with a skeletal form with a recognizable item from their board graphic. Ray “Bones” Rodriguez holds the blue translucent sword, Per Welinder’s Nordic skull wears the famed spiked helmet, Kevin Harris is clad in a Mounty uniform with a detachable beaver, and Tommy Guerrero holds his V8-styled silver dagger. It’s the attention to detail Super7 provides these figures that prove they’re not just pandering to the popular, but honoring a bygone era.

The Future of Super7 and Skateboarding Collectibles

So what’s next for Super7? It’s hard to say. But we can only hope that this physical framework of skateboarding’s yesteryear continues. Maybe we will get pro models of the baggy-pants era of the 90s? Or the many characters of Toy Machine? Whatever they may, be the future looks bright for the culture with companies like Super7 working tirelessly to keep our history alive in new and creative ways.

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