P-Rod And Spanish Mike Stop By The Nine Club

Episode 295

The Nine Club is a podcast that features interviews with some of the most influential skateboarders in the world. In the latest episode, host Chris Roberts sits down with Paul Rodriguez and Spanish Mike, a skater/filmer duo that has a unique chemistry and a lot of stories to share.

They talk about Paul's Life reset series, where he documents his journey of overcoming injuries and challenges, Spanish's ability to manifest his dreams and work with his idols, what it's like to visit the Nike Campus and get access to exclusive gear and facilities, how they deal with big sponsor deals and the pressure that comes with them, the 20th anniversary of Yeah Right, one of the most iconic skate videos of all time, Spanish Mike's pep talks and motivational speeches, Paul's decision to leave Girl Skateboards and join Plan B, his homage to Guy Mariano by skating to his Video Day's song in the City Stars video, how Spanish Mike learns from the best in the industry, and Paul's desire to ride for Zero Skateboards after leaving City Stars.

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